American lab puppies for sale nc

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American lab puppies for sale nc

Welcome to Labrador Puppies for Sale in the U. The first classified ad website dedicated to a single dog breed. And while we named the site, Labrador Puppies for Sale, the truth is we also have ads for adult Labrador Retrievers as well as Labrador stud services.

Zoom and pan on our map on the right. Click on a pin to take you directly to that ad. Or browse Labrador puppies for sale by state, by clicking on the state name below. We also have coupons for dog owners and every month we have a Loved Lab contest. Take a peak at some of our past winners or here is the form to enter the contest. We hope you enjoy the site and that it helps Labrador owners and potential owners find each other more quickly and easily.

In the words of Charles Schultz: Happiness is a warm puppy. Lab Puppies Stud Services 8. Charming Labrador puppies. Labrador Retrievers are noted for being highly intelligent, eager-to-please, athletic, loving and calm. These characteristics have also made Labrador popular choices for service animals: Seeing-Eye Dogs, drug-sniffing dogs, as therapy dogs.

On the other hand, Labradors are highly enthusiastic and enjoy activity, people buying a Labrador puppy should make sure the dog will get plenty of exercise. While there is only one Labrador Retriever breed. Within the breed there are two distinct types.

The English Labrador Retriever is the original breed. English Labradors are generally a bit shorter and stockier than the American Labrador.

Puppies for Sale

In terms of demeanor, the English Labrador tends to be more mellow while the American Labrador tends to be more excitable. Many hunters prefer American Labradors. The differences are generalizations and won't apply to all dogs. The best way to judge what a Labrador puppy will look like and how he or she will act as a grown dog, is to observe the puppy's parents. Post an ad. New ads. I'm looking for a chocolate lab, preferably male.

Let me Please contact 5 weeks ago. Charming Labrador puppies Hi, I have to introduce to you, our new litterHunting Dogs. Family Pets. Labs are loveable and make great companions! All of our males are strong sires, with personality, hunting desire and instinct. Our ladies set the example of good temperament and confidence for their puppies. Our puppies are loved from day one. Day two, training begins with Mom and Dad. See where our dogs are breed, trained and loved.

Stop Puppy Biting - My Top Three Training Solutions

Every puppy is loved from day one. Family Pets Labs are loveable and make great companions! Our Males. Learn More. Our Ladies. Order Pup. Our Motto. We have been raising Labs for about 35 years. Jessie A.

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Since he loved Labs so much, he started field training and breeding Labrador Retrievers, and since chocolates were so popular he decided to specialize in them. Now we have all three colors, black, chocolate, and yellow with some of the best hunting stock in the country. There are 2 lakes on the property as well as plenty of training grounds. We have 16 kennels, 4 large exercise lots, and 4 whelping stations in a climate controlled puppy room located in our house.

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All of our pups are born and raised in our house. Labs Leave a Lasting Impression! Find Us!Silver Labradors have a wonderful temperament and lots love to share! View Our Available Labs. Producing dogs that are healthy, friendly, gentle and full of love!

Is your family ready to welcome an adorable, loyal new member? At Happy Lab Kennels, we specialize in healthy, happy silver Labrador puppies, a variation of a chocolate lab with a gene mutation that creates their distinctive gray coat. Explore more about silver labrador puppies for sale in NC and learn about the other great Labrador puppies we offer, including black, yellow and chocolate.

According to the American Kennel Club, the Labrador Retriever has been the number 1 breed of dog for the past 28 years. The reason for this record is simple. Labs are great dogs. They have a wonderful temperament and are filled with Love to share. They seem to have one goal in mind, making Life long friends and memories.

american lab puppies for sale nc

Labs are the perfect example of unconditional Love. While they do thrive on Love and attention, they require little maintenance. No long hair and curls to worry about and shedding is minimal. At Happy Lab Kennels, we focus on producing dogs that are healthy, friendly, gentle and full of love! While our dogs are mainly loving companions, they do come from hunting stock. With proper training, they would make a great hunting partner.

We both grew up with a family dog, and knew we would always have a dog or two when we were older. Well, our love for dogs have been growing for over 30 years, with never having just one. Our dogs are a big part of our family. We have them spend time with us indoors, as well as, outdoors. We have them sleep inside when the weather is cold and to take a break on those very hot days.

In our dog journeys, we have taken our dogs to field trials and have been active members of a K-9 Search and Rescue Team.

Puppies for Sale

Silver labs were first created by a breeder in the early 80s and were officially recognized as a subset of the chocolate lab breed by the AKC in While some think the unusual color comes from outside the breed, these dogs are verified by the AKC as percent Labrador retriever. Male labs grow to an average of Our silver labrador puppies are bred as loving companions, with the outgoing, friendly personalities that have long made labs one of the most popular family dogs.

These rare purebred, pedigreed pups are registered with the American Kennel Club. The Silver Labradors are registered as chocolates. Like other lab variations, silver labradors need lots of exercise. Get ready to play endless games of catch and take long walks around your neighborhood, where your pet is sure to make friends with other dogs and humans alike. These dogs respond well to training and easily adapt to new environments. They also tend to be great with children, although younger labs can be quite boisterous and may be excitable around those younger than 5.

Call us now Connect With Us. Welcome to Labrador Retreivers. Welcome to Happy Lab Kennels. Welcome to We Focus On. Current Litters. About Happy Lab Kennels Our love for dogs have been growing for over 30 years We both grew up with a family dog, and knew we would always have a dog or two when we were older.We have 2 very beautiful American Red Golden Retriever puppies available to go to their new homes today!!

They have very nice blocky heads. One is a deep red and the Learn more View Details.

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Champion Bloodlines. Female Golden Retriever puppy for sale. These puppies are so very beautiful! Golden Retriever puppies for sale!!

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Puppies are 6 weeks old. UTD shots and deworming. AKC registered limited Just in time for Christmas! Golden Retriever male puppy born October 31st. Puppy will come with up to date vaccination Born October 31st. Male Golden Retriever puppy for sale. These are half English Cream and half American Red puppies! A very beautiful combinationthey are a very beautiful white with If you would like to expand your search outside of Golden Retriever puppies listed in North Carolina, then perhaps you would be interested in the following puppies.

Golden Retriever Female, 7 weeks Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Meet these adorable pups. They are friendly, energetic, and full of life! Their sweet and unique personalities will make it fun for you to meet and choose your new best friend!Their loyalty and friendly disposition are very appealing, especially to families.

These dogs originated from the St. Over generations of breeding for a smaller stature and shorter fur, the true Labrador Retriever was born in Labrador, Canada. Black Labs are renowned for their patience. Labradors make phenomenal family dogs because of these attributes, but need a little training or their playfulness can take over. Black Labrador Retrievers are also immensely curious, and will investigate when something intrigues them.

These dogs are highly adaptable.

american lab puppies for sale nc

Their natural urge to dig and bark once agitated can be quelled easily with a little training and some exercise. These dogs will happily jump about in a room of kids and also relax on the couch for some belly rubs with just you. Due to their higher energy level, they tend to be better suited for larger homes, preferably with a fenced-in yard where they can run freely.

But, as long as they get enough exercise, attention, and mental stimulation, they can adapt to apartment living. They do well in just about any climate, but are sensitive to extreme heat or cold like many dog breeds. Generally speaking, Black Labs are healthy dogs. They tend to overeat, so you do have to be careful about over-feeding them, especially as they get older or are not as active. Without sufficient exercise, they can become overweight.

They can develop eye disorders, like cataracts, and joint problems, like hip dysplasia, but as long as they are attending veterinarian visits in a timely manner, will stay perfectly healthy. Labradors are known for their intelligence, adaptability, and independence. They make excellent dogs for beginners because they are highly trainable and eager to please their owners.

They require minimal training to control digging and barking, but, other than that, are ready to go! If you go the extra mile with training, your Lab can be taught life-saving techniques for emergencies as well. For example, with little training, they can retrieve people from water and will cover them in blankets from the cold.

In general, Black Labs are incredible companions and useful to have around. Black Labs have very short, water-resistant fur that is set in two layers. This kind of dense, double coat protects them from the cold and makes swimming in water all year-round a cinch for these dogs. They shed more heavily twice a year as the seasons change and will shed slightly throughout. Giving them a good brush daily or once a week should take care of their coats just fine.

A monthly nail trim along with brushing teeth weekly will help your Lab stay healthy. Labradors tend to be very active. They were originally bred to be working or hunting dogs, so they crave exercise. Labrador Retrievers are classified as medium to large dogs. They reach an average height of 23 inches, often ranging between 20 to 25 inches at the withers across the breed. An average healthy weight is generally 75 pounds, but they can range between 50 and 90 pounds depending on gender and parentage.

It was the December issue of People love certain dogs for a variety of reasons. This is certainly not an exhaustive list, but here are a few of the most popular dog breeds:. Here are a few things to know about Labrador Retriever puppies:.

There are some dog breeds that are commonly found working in a service capacity. Here are some of the dog breeds that make the best service dogs:.Be wary of puppy mills and backyard breeders. We have been breeding and selling world class labs for forty years. Our Puppy Limited Warranty is the best in the industry; you are guaranteed a healthy puppy with remarkable retriever instincts.

Located on acres on the sand hills of North Carolina near Laurel Hill, our world class Labrador retrievers can be found from California to Maine, from Alaska to Florida. Not to worry. We can ship our guaranteed puppies to any location in the country, except Hawaii. The qualities that make a great Master Hunter are the same qualities that make a Labrador retriever a great family pet. We select from the most dominant American field bloodlines and breed for natural hunting instinct and tractability.

Pets online blogs. For the Home Personality, discipline and demeanor appropriate for your family pet. For the hunt "Going hunting without a retriever is like going on a honeymoon without a bride. Puppies from Master hunters Twin Lakes Kennel Modern, clean state-of-the-art breeding and training facilities. Purchase your Labrador Puppy Today - Call - - to order.

Our puppies are Guaranteed. We Are a National Breeder. Master hunters make great puppies. World's Happiest Clients. We meet some of the nicest people when they come to pick up their puppy. You can meet them, too. See them all, here. Woody Thurman, whom I have known for more than 20 years, was and is my favorite [trainer].

He is an extremely intelligent, honest, hard working and trustworthy man. In addition, he has a unique natural gift in knowing how read and train a dog that I have seen only a few possess. He is a truly outstanding professional dog trainer and, supported by his wife Judy, has devoted his life to his trade. Proffessional Associations. Adult Services.

american lab puppies for sale nc

Training Services. Woody Thurman. All Rights Reserved. Facebook Twitter.Also known as the "Old Country Bulldog". These bold and lively dogs vary considerably in size and color and are similar to the original English working Bulldogs.

They are robust, well muscled dogs that appeal to those who want a powerful companions. They need experienced handling and broad socialization while young. American Bulldogs weigh between 65 and lbs.

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Puppies For Sale! Puppies Available Now! Parents are carefully selected for Health, Temperament and Beauty. Well Socialized and Loved!!! Producing Friends For A Lifetime! Great to have you here! When you talk to the breeder, don't forget to mention you found them on Pets4You. Soundness, Structure, and Working Ability Since Seven generations hip-certified, health-tested breeding stock.

Leading the breed in Schutzhund titles and show dogs of the year, but mostly happy family guardians. Many different Colors!

Parents on site. NKC registered. Shipping available. Please visit website for more info. Some of the best bloodlines in the country and superb hips.

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Pups come with health guarantees and UTD on shots. Microchipping included!

american lab puppies for sale nc

Jump down to Full Advertisement. This vigorous, friendly, and extremely confident puppy is a perfect family dog or single person's companion — provided you can give your pet plenty of attention! Not for the faint of heart, the American Bulldog is extremely emotional and "needy," and will want to bond very strongly with you, its owner. That said, the American Bulldog is also very obstinate and can be downright stubborn, especially if not properly socialized.

If well-trained, however, you'll find great delight in this breed — and best of all, this " designer dog " is very hardy and healthy, living a long, enjoyable life. Immigrants brought working Bulldogs with them, and the original breed has survived to great degree, especially because it was needed in the southern United States for its ability to hunt and catch feral pigs.


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