X360ce apex legends

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X360ce apex legends

Legends are playable characters in Apex Legends. Each legend is a unique character with their own backstory, abilitiesand playstyle. Most legends need to be unlocked by using Legend Tokens or Apex Coins. A new legend is released every season.

The legends are categorized into classes: OffensiveDefensiveSupportand Recon. Each legend is defined by their unique tactical abilitypassive abilityand ultimate ability. They also have unique hitbox sizes. Some of them have passive perks to accommodate for these differences. Bloodhound Technological Tracker. Sign In. From Apex Legends Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. Son, you think you've got what it takes? They call us Apex Legends.

But not all legends are heroes. Each fight for their own reasons. From the ashes of war, legends are born. They are icons of strength, power.

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Outside the ring, they're champions. Inside, they're equals.Home Help Search Login Register. Read times. I'm using Xim on my pc to play Apex Legends. Which ST should I use? Should I use the Xbox ST instead or something else? In order to use my PS4 controller I'm using xce to make the game think I'm using an Xbox controller but I don't know if that makes a difference.

I'm also using a Xim 4 but I'm posting here because the Xim 4 section is dead. XIM isn't officially compatible with PC, so it's really up to you what you try. Matching the FOV and in-game settings would seem like the best approach. Follow Twitter for live stream alerts. I keep finding myself puzzled as to why anyone would want to use the xim on pc?

What could you possibly hope to accomplish with the already limitless aim you get on pc? It's probably not working right because it's not meant for pc as someone already mentioned. The Xim is not a magical tool that is going to make you a god.

Time, effort and perseverance is what will take your gaming to the next level. Two reasons - 1. Aim assist 2. Simpler bindings I by far prefer console dual-bindings e. Aim assist comes at the hefty cost of accurate mouse tracking and turn speeds, which are uncapped on PC. Well, I'm using my Xim on pc because it is the only way I can get my Logitech G13 gameboard to work right.

Apex Legends doesn't recognize the joystick so the only way to make it work without xim is to bind the joystick to WASD, but if I do that the movement is really weird and janky. I guess I'll just have to mess around with the settings some more. I'm using the same settings as on the ps4 but they feel so much faster on PC for some reason.

Ok, im no longer confused. Thanks for explaining this to me. I'm glad I held off on buying a pc. I was so close but I've been on console for so long and don't want to deal with all of the cheating on fps.

The prodigy MVP Posts: So it won't feel anywhere near as good as console since the smart translator's were trained for those platforms only.

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Also if you're played on a higher or lower resolution than the PS4 runs your sensitivity will feel different. Same with Frame rate and FOV. There is massive cheating problems on pc plus side is every game u wanna play u can get cracked for free nearly everygame Emanuel Member Posts: When using a xim on pc apex legends your mouse sensitivity changes with your frames per second.November - last edited November I'm using an old gamepad Logitech Rumble Pad 2 that doesn't have X-input.

With all other games emulating X-box controller with xce works flawlessly. Only in Star Wars Battlefront it doesn't work as intended. This is a big problem because if you need to evade, there is no energy availible. I wrote a bug report but I can't post it due to some forum issue "You don't have permission to do that. November Another Rumblepad 2 owner here and having exaclty the same problems. Besides depleting the energy for evasive maneuvers, these malfunctions often cause me to crash my ship or lose track of enemy ships.

Very frustrating. Workaround is to buy another gamepad with Xinput I have Logitech F PC-Gamepad at home, its about the same but without force feedback function and now new real analog trigger buttons. I can really rcommend this one. This widget could not be displayed.

Help us improve Answers HQ! Take Survey No, Thanks. Sign In or Register. See details Show less. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Do you mean. Zombies Heroes Plants vs. Zombies Heroes Other Plants vs. Zombies Games Plants vs.

How to use x360ce emulator with Apex Legends on PC

Zombies Garden Warfare 1 Plants vs. Zombies 2 Other Plants vs. In xce everything is set up correctly, its onls SWBF that doesn't get it right.

Can someone help? Me too. Message 1 of 4 1, Views. Reply 1. November - last edited November I wrote a bug report but I can't post it due to some forum issue "You don't have permission to do that. Message 2 of 4 1, Views. Reply 0. Re: xce.Apex Legends is a popular free-to-play game.

On February 19,Apex Legends surprised players when the game was revealed and released on the same day. As of OctoberApex Legends attracted 70 million players worldwide — setting a huge milestone for Respawn Entertainment. More players are joining in on the Apex Legends hype, making it one of the most popular battle-royale games in history. Apex Legends is a battle-royale style game set in the same universe as Titanfall.

This game is renowned for its multiplayer mode though the first-person player mode is also high-qualitythe gameplay dynamics, and the character customization options. If this is your first time playing Apex Legends, you should understand some basic information about the game before downloading your Apex hack. Apex Legends has a hero-shooter concept complete with high-quality and realistic graphics, an addictive storyline, and lots of weapons.

To keep you hooked, the game features powerups, sequences, and plenty of unlockables. The basis of the game is to be the last player standing. You make your way around the map, exploring different areas and improving your gameplay. You can opt for single-player or multi-player mode. The game allows for three-person teams.

The battles are challenging — you could be facing up to opponents at a time! This is why you need some handy cheats on your side. You can choose between eight different character legends. These include: Lifeline — combat medic Bangalore — professional soldier Pathfinder — forward scout Bloodhound — technological tracker Caustic — toxic trapper Wraith — interdimensional skirmisher Gibraltar — shielded fortress Mirage — holographic trickster You have the flexibility to customize their appearance and even their voice.

You first purchase your access and download the hacks. The whole process takes less than five minutes and you can implement the cheats immediately. Before buying some Apex cheats, you should understand the best hacks and how they will help your playing. If you truly want an all-in-one Apex Legends cheat, choose the Chams option.

x360ce apex legends

All cheats for Apex Legends include the wallhack cheat. This is an extra sensory perception ESP hack, providing insight on enemies separated by a wall. Do you want the wallhack with the aimbot cheat? You can choose a package with both of these hacks or only opt for the wallhack if you have great shooting.

The only way to beat Apex Legends is by achieving professional-level aim. There are three types of aimbots: normal, silent, and Psilent. The normal aimbot locks on the target. This is a popular aimbot used by many players, including ones who shoot well.

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The silent aimbot is ideal for rage shooters — and anyone who wants to do a lot of shooting. But the silent aimbot is still smart; if you shoot near enemies, the bullets will follow them.

The Psilent aimbot is more modified than the silent aimbot. This aimbot is popular for professional players and those who stream on Twitch and YouTube. Below are some of the benefits of the Psilent aimbot:.

This includes:.

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All of these will throw enemies off guard, allowing you to quickly advance over them.This is a private community for registered Cronus Zen Owners only. You will find instructions, guides and other information in this section. You can use this area if you wish to ask a questions or speak to other Zen users but don't have one yet, or perhaps it's on it's way to you and you want to get a head start. Can also be used by Zen owners who are perhaps having issues with registering their Zen in Zen Studio so they're unable to view or post to the this area of the community.

All feedback for Zen device itself to be posted in here only. To use this forum, your Cronus Zen must be registered and linked to your forum account in Zen Studio. All feedback for Zen Studio to be posted in here only.

Guide to running Zen Studio All feedback for the Zen compiler and GPC scripts to be posted in here only. All feedback for Controllers, Headsets and other input devices to be posted in here only. Support community for all Cronus Zen GamePacks. We are now offering our customers additional support for the DriveHub - an amazing new product dedicated to Racing Wheels. Brought to you by Collective Minds, the creators of Cronus!

Use this section if you have any questions or hardware related issues with your DriveHub device. Please do not post about scripts or gamepacks here.

Post in here and we will be happy to help. Use this section if you have any issues with your CronusMAX device. This section is not for script or gamepack support. If you have an Xbox One you need a DriveHub from our store. Thrustmaster TMX - problem Note: Windows PC required.

Call of Duty Warzone - Razer Here you'll find our own tested and approved mouse settings for the top rated mice on the market for the most popular games. Mad Catz R. Use this section if you are own a XIM product and wish to use it alongside a Cronus device. Make sure you follow the rules on how to request support for scripts and gamepacks!

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These are the support topics for each GamePack. Setup specifically so you are able to speak to the developer directly and report any bugs, feature requests - or just ask simple questions.Ask PC Gamer is our weekly question and advice column. Have a burning question about the smoke coming out of your PC? Send your problems to letters pcgamer. Do I just have to settle for Xbox controllers now? Unfortunately, even though these two APIs existed side by side for a time and are developed by the same company, they aren't compatible without a little third party help.

For controller developers, XInput represented a step backward. While it's theoretically easier to design and implement an XInput controller, it's also harder to differentiate between XInput based products, especially with Microsoft's well-made Xbox for Windows gamepads readily available as competition. Predictably, many DirectInput gamepads and other controllers, like driving wheels and flight sticks, never made the jump to the new API, rendering some of gaming's coolest gadgets obsolete overnight.

The high end of the market, which drove innovation, was particularly badly hit. Fortunately, with a bit of fiddling these older devices should still work fine. Before installing software workarounds, check for a small API switch on the controller itself. Many gamepads made at the end of the DirectInput era allow selection between DirectInput and XInput via hardware toggle, a handy option that might not be clearly labeled or readily apparent without careful inspection. Setting up xce consists of copying a single small.

DirectInput-only controllers can stay in the game with xcea freeware utility that translates between APIs and allows systems to recognize older gamepads as Xbox for Windows controllers. Setup isn't complicated but requires separate installation for each title as a replacement XInput. Profiles for many older controllers already exist, so custom mapping mostly involves giving functions to the extra buttons or triggers found with gamepads more elaborate than Microsoft's Xbox design.

Settings are surprisingly detailed depending on how complex the controller itself is to operate, so be prepared to spend a little time calibrating that wheel and pedal setup before venturing out onto the streets of Los Santos. Just be careful when you rage quit, or you'll be looking at eBay instead of Amazon for replacements.

Most of these controllers haven't been made for years, and the closest you'll get to new is unopened old stock. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer.

x360ce apex legends

See comments. Topics Ask PC Gamer.After enjoying an Apex Legends season filled with pilfering using Lobait might be time to start started looking towards the future.

What comes next for Apex Legends? When will Apex Legends Season 6 commence? What lore and gameplay will be introduced in the next season? We've got everything you need to know about Apex Legends Season 6.

EA and Respawn Entertainment have yet to make an official statement on when the latest Apex Legends season will conclude, but we can make an estimate by utilizing some friendly math.

x360ce apex legends

Season 5 began on May 12, Every Apex Legends season thus far has lasted around three months, leading us to the answer that Apex Legends Season 5 will conclude in early-to-mid-August. It might lean closer to early August, due to Season 5's delayed start this would be a perfect time to re-establish the proper Apex season timing. Other than the Season 1 to Season 2 intermission, Apex Legends seasons usually flow uninterrupted into one another.

There's no reason to expect it will be any different for Season 6 when it starts in early-to-mid-August. The season has yet to be announced so there isn't a trailer just yet. However, there are some leaks that may whet your appetite for the forthcoming season A user on Reddit found dialogue for the first six parts of a questline that will supposedly begin in Season 6 or in Season 5's tail end.

There are supposedly nine quests total in this event. The quest seems to try advancing Apex Legends' main narrative and a few personal ones. Loba has finally begun to make moves on Revenantwho killed her parents. Loba's story ties directly into the main Apex narrative, focusing on finding the mole that's leaking intelligence to Revenant, which has been teased since February.

According to the currently available dialogue, the legends suspect either Wattson or Crypto to be the mole. Coincidently, they're also the characters with a direct connection to Levithan, as hinted at back in a Season two leak. Although there has yet to be a formal Apex Season 6 announcement, using a combination of leaks and sleuthing, there are some ideas as to who could join the team next season.

A long-standing rumor suggests the next character will be Rampart. This was deduced using a development sheet that leaked shortly after Apex launched in The sheet lists Crypto, Revenant, and Loba at the top, meaning they were in testing phases when the sheet leaked.

The top row has acted as an effective queue for the last year. We can certainly continue to trust it for characters in the pipeline. With that in mind, Rampart is placed directly after Loba, implying he's next to be implemented.


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